Oda 3 is a team of music researchers and specialist producers led by the vision of the Albanian artist, music lover and producer Edit Pula(j), UK-based professor, radio presenter and award-winning music producer Lucy Durán, and BBC sound recordist Martin Appleby who specializes in on-location live recordings.

Oda 3 first got together in Albania in 2011 to record a series of BBC Radio 3 “World Routes’ ‘ programmes, featuring traditional acoustic music from around the country.

Their previous album Tirana 100 (2019) showcased an orchestra they put together, the Tirana-Tirana AllStars, and was selected by Songlines as the one of the best ten albums of 2021 and the group won the Songlines Music Awards 2022 in the ‘Best group’ category.

In 2022 the team was joined by Peadar Connolly-Davey, a musician and music producer with a passion for Albanian music and together as Oda 3 they released the album Like Nightingales in the Spring by Orkestra Shkodra an album that celebrates the rich musical heritage of Shkodra, North Albania, which also received 5 star reviews and was selected for Top of the World by Songlines Magazine.

Their latest project is the album ‘City of 1001 Windows’by Pulse of Berat – a collection of the best traditional music and urban folk from the town of Berat, with songs that reflect the Berat’s heritage as an old city on the crossroads between pre-Ottoman period and European influence.